Thursday 10 October 2013


My brain has been all sorts of weird lately. It's running amuck. (Amuck, Amuck, Amuck!)
I can't reel it in either and it flip flops everywhere. Hi brain are you ADD? What's going on?

Just so you can have a little snapshot into what's going on inside my head (you should probably leave now) I made a little listicle of the thoughts that have been floating around the past 24 hours. Don't say I didn't warn you.

1. Why don't people talk on the phone anymore. luh-ame. I want to hear your voice. I want to know your tone. And I want to put you on speaker so I can lay in bed and pretend to be listening instead of trying use my fingers to type.

2. I really love my job. I really like waking up and coming into work. I should really start showering before work.

3. LOL nah.

4. Why isn't our Target as good as the one in Fargo? All I want is everything. Why can't I find it here?

5. WTF who moved the papers on my desk, again? WHERE ARE MY PILES?!

6. I really need to stop buying lunch at Harvey's.

7. I wonder what it would feel like to be stabbed. (thought while watching Halloween) (is this too creepy to share?) (#sorrynotsorry)

8. Is it wrong to be attracted to Michael Myers?

9. I can't wait to make children cry on Halloween. My yard is the bomb diggity.

10. But the chocolate bar says sugar free so that means something right?

11. Go Tyrion, go! Oh my god am I sexually attracted to Tyrion? Hmm that's new. YEAH TYRION YEAH. Come over.

12. Who seriously made up words? Honest to god. How did they come to be? How did we decided that a large metal pointy silver thing was called a sword? Who decided to call it sex? What does that even mean? Why can't Google answer all my questions?

13. I'm making it painfully obvious bro, just ask me out. Don't be a chicken shat. Boys are such twatsicles.

14. Why do Fallon and Rachel have to live so far away?!? #waaaaaaahmbulance

15. THEY LIVE IN FRANCE. AND SHE'S SCOTTISH. THESE ACCENTS ARE ALL WRONG! get your ish together Reign! #theCWproblems

Anyway, don't forget to linkup your Harry Potter posts tomorrow. I can't wait to read them all!! :)

And now, onto my very first giveaway! 

Well Good Morning! If you are here today, you are in luck. If you aren't, too bad, so sad. JK. Today, myself and eight lovely ladies will be giving one of YOU $100 to eitherTarget or Starbucks, your choice. So either you can buy a lot of scarves and cute flats and make up, or you can buy around 33 drinks full of caffeine. #winnerwinnerchickendinner

Enough with that, let's get started shall we?

Jen // Clara // Dara

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