Monday, 2 December 2013


Growing up, Christmas was always, always my favorite. There is something so magical about the holiday season and I probably believed in Santa Claus longer than I care to admit. But believing in Santa was more than just believing in that jolly old man in the big red suit. It was about believing in family, magic, tradition, the good of mankind, the spirit of giving. Santa is real. Santa lives in our parents, our grandparents, our family. He is everyone who ever kept the magic alive in our childhood.

I came across this video on Facebook. It gives me even more reason to keep believing.

And just like that, my faith in humanity was restored. Yes, it may have been a marketing ploy. But it still made me cry. It still made the holidays that much brighter for those families and lone travelers. It still shows that there aregenuinely good people out there. It shows that you should never stop believing in the magic of Christmas. 

So here's a tip: Don't stop believing and help to keep the holiday spirit alive whenever, wherever and however you can. 

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